Leading Environmental Chemist Endorses the PURINIZE Water Purifier System

January 13, 2015

DISCLOSURE: Dr. Paul Rosenfeld is not a medical doctor. He holds a PhD from the University of Washington in soil science with a focus on volatile organic filtration, a MS degree from UC Berkeley in Environmental Science Policy and Management, and a BA degree from UC Santa Barbara with a focus in wastewater treatment. Although Dr. Rosenfeld is receiving a portion of the profits from Purinize for evaluation and endorsement of this product, all opinions are his own.

My name is Dr. Paul Rosenfeld. I am an environmental chemist and remediation scientist with over 20 years of experience conducting remedial investigations and evaluations, risk assessments, and developing cleanup programs for sites impacted by odor, chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, dioxins/furans, pesticides, PCBs, perchlorate, heavy metals, asbestos.  I am a consulting water expert that has evaluated the water quality of thousands of water systems across the United States.

People need to understand that the world’s supply of freshwater is becoming increasingly contaminated. Through my extensive research, I have determined that many water systems rely on contaminated groundwater, contaminated surface water, and contaminated private wells to supply drinking water to millions of people in the United States, and around the world. 

 Much of this water contamination is the result of chemical and petroleum spills, coal ash disposal ponds, disinfection by-products, landfills, naturally occurring metals, pathogens, pesticides, and produced wastewater from petroleum and natural gas injection wells. These toxic contaminants pose serious health risks, especially to children, and are difficult to remove with traditional filtration devices; our current water systems aren’t equipped to remove the vast majority of them. My serious concerns regarding the global and U.S. water crisis have made me seek out a better way to purify water, because when it comes to safe drinking water, you can never be too prepared.

I have personally evaluated and tested the PURINIZE Water Purifier in combination with a Portable Water Filtration System. Of all the water purification methods I've found, I highly recommend the combination of these two technologies as one of the best defenses to protect you and your family from the dangers of water contamination.

The primary reason I like the PURINIZE System is that it is superior to distillation and reverse osmosis because minerals remain in solution that is more beneficial than water without minerals.  


Dr. Paul Rosenfeld is the Co-Founder and Principal Environmental Chemist at Soil / Water / Air Protection Enterprise (SWAPE). His focus is the fate and transport of environmental contaminants, risk assessment, and ecological restoration.  His project experience ranges from monitoring and modeling of pollution sources as they relate to human and ecological health. Click here to read Dr. Rosenfeld’s full bio.