Created in 2012, PURINIZE® a portable water purifier that produces safe, clean drinking water on demand. PURINIZE® utilizes a patented water purification technology that was developed in 1988 as a remedy for purifying contaminated water in the field and during water shortage situations. Its proprietary mineral-based formulation of complex mineral salts results in a powerful all-natural water purifying solution. This reagent is harmless to the body and capable of producing safe, clean drinking water from the rain, a pond, swamp, lake, or any other freshwater source, without using toxic chemicals.

Using PURINIZE® to purify water has many advantages. In addition to being 100% non-toxic, it's more effective than conventional water purifiers, doesn't use bad-tasting chemicals, and can be used to purify water regardless of temperature or turbidity. In addition, it's safe for anyone to use and provides long-lasting protection. 

PURINIZE® is ideal for outdoor adventures like hiking and camping, travel, water storage treatment, boil alerts, emergency preparedness, and disaster relief.