April 07, 2017

Please welcome the newest member of our brand ambassador team, Brian Ford! Brian is an avid outdoorsman, hiker, and wilderness survival buff who lives in the woods of Pennsylvania. 

Brian started hiking and learning about the art of bushcraft at a young age, and now enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors and teaching the skills he's learned with others. As such, he founded Hike By Faith, an outdoor organization dedicated to inspiring people to get outdoors and connect with nature and others to improve overall health (physical, mental and spiritual) and to help build community.

Brian also sits on the Board of Directors of Gear Forward, a non-profit organization equipping the next generation of adventurers for the outdoors. To help promote Gear Forward, Hike By Faith is hosting #LHX2017, a 5-day, 70-mile backpacking trip along the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in Pennsylvania starting in just a couple weeks on April 23rd. (PURINIZE is a proud sponsor of this trip!) 


"Even your remote backcountry springs are not completely safe for drinking. So knowing I have an easy way to purify my water in a natural way gives me peace of mind."

To learn more about Brian, check out his ambassador page, website, and connect with him on Twitter or Instagram.