August 31, 2016

We'd like to introduce our newest brand ambassador, Josh Liao. 

Josh is an ardent outdoor enthusiast, photographer, and writer who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he works in the healthcare industry.

When he's not working and pursuing his interests in health policy and medicine in the city, he's venturing out into the great outdoors, pursuing his passions for hiking, camping, fishing, and exploration. He takes any opportunity to be outside both at home and abroad. Some of his favorite trips include fishing winter tributaries of the Pacific Northwest, backcountry camping on the Patagonian steppe, and rafting pristine New Zealand headwaters.

Josh uses his extensive writing and photography skills to share his adventures and insights with others via his blog and social media platform and serves as a brand ambassador of other outdoor companies relating to fishing gear and outdoor apparel.

A word from Josh:

"Beyond what PURINIZE enables (who can argue with easy access to clean water?), I also appreciate what it represents: the margin between human innovation and the outdoor life, and the opportunity for the former to enable the better experiences in the latter."

Please join us in welcoming Josh to the PURINIZE Ambassador Team!

Check out his ambassador page, website/blog, and follow him on Instagram to see his all of his awesome adventures.

Instagram: @houseofliao