Purinize® Is The World's Most Advanced Water Purifier

Pre-treating your water with PURINIZE® gives you the maximum of protection against toxic contaminants. Most portable water filters efficiently remove biological contaminants like bacteria and protozoa. However, outdoor and drinking water sources often contain toxic contaminants like chemicals from agricultural and industrial practices, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and more. PURINIZE® neutralizes these contaminants, so they're easily filterable. By pre-treating your water with PURINIZE®, these contaminants can no longer pass through your filter.

How it works

PURINIZE® works through the process of Coagulation-Flocculation (CF). It contains a natural combination of coagulating and flocculating mineral salts that disinfect and clarifies raw water. CF removes suspended pollutants, in the form of microscopic particles or gross organic matter, by trapping them and clumping them together to form particulates. These entrapped particulates eventually settle and can be easily removed from the purified water by straining through a regular filter, coffee filter, or fine cloth. 

Setting New Standards with Performance & Results

 Due to its effectiveness, PURINIZE® was the water purifier approved by the Big Bend National Park Service to be used to treat the Rio Grande River, that made the record-setting, award-nominated 100+ mile #StandOnTheRioGrande Stand-Up-Paddle (SUP) trip possible!




testimonials from #standontheriogrande Stand-up-Paddle Trip

"I've been getting a lot of questions on how we managed to filter water along the trip considering how polluted it is with pesticides, livestock run-off and heavy metals that a regular filter cannot extract. Our secret was a product called PURINIZE."

"This product was our ace in the hole because if we wouldn't of had it 1 we obviously wouldn't of had good water and 2 the Park services wouldn't have approved our permits. And that my friends, is how we stayed hydrated for seven days on the Rio Grande #StandOnTheRioGrande." - @saadventuresports

"Of the different water purification systems that we had this was the only one that was cleared to support us on our trip. I stand by PURINIZE as we NEEDED clean water. Out there, in the middle of nowhere you can't afford to get really sick, so we went with the best. I never got sick from the water. Not even a stomach ache. I was able to enjoy every second of the journey thanks to these guys! Two thumbs waaaaay up!" - @docqtrip

 Be safe. Be Prepared. Always pre-treat your water with PURINIZE®!