Hello & Welcome

Welcome to PURINIZE, where we've ventured to redefine portable water purification with a new, innovative solution that's setting higher standards for water quality and safety.

If you've ever struggled with the fact that conventional water purifiers contain unsafe chemicals that only safeguard against a handful of immediate contaminants and make your water taste gross, you're not alone. That's why we developed PURINIZE, as an alternative to these bad-tasting, subpar water treatments.

See, we believe that safe, clean drinking water should be:

  • free of health threatening, byproduct producing chemicals
  • free of both immediate and accumulative contaminants
  • refreshing and tasty
  • readily available for anyone, anywhere

And now, it can be, with our easy-to-use, highly effective, eco-friendly water purifier that makes safer, better-tasting drinking water for anyone to enjoy, anywhere.

Here in Michigan, surrounded by the largest surface freshwater source in the world, water quality isn't just our day job, it's a part of who we are. We know how critical the quality of our freshwater sources is to the health of all living things. That's why we're committed to offering ground-breaking products that improve the quality and safety of water for all. 

Join us on our journey. #PURINIZE