I am a husband to my amazing wife Robin, and a son to a great Dad who taught me about the outdoors. I’m an avid hiker and enjoy learning the art of bushcraft and survival as well as teaching it to others.

I started hiking when I was young. My Dad not only taught me about the outdoors at a young age but also taught me the basics of the outdoor survival. Even before I could walk, my parents took me hiking as I straddled a pack designed for infants. As a teenager, I joined the Boy Scouts. Some of my fondest memories were spent camping with my Dad on a Scout outing or Camporee. Vacations with my family were spent at State Parks throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

I enjoy sharing my passion for the outdoors which is why I created Hike By Faith. We are an outdoor organization with a mission to inspire others to get outside, connect with nature and connect with friends and family in the outdoors.

We also provide guided day hikes, backpacking trips and training classes to our local communities. As part of giving back to the outdoor community, I also sit on the Board of Directors for Gear Forward, a non-profit organization equipping the next generation of adventurers for the outdoors. Follow along on my adventures and be inspired to get outside.


Even your remote backcountry springs are not completely safe for drinking. So knowing I have an easy way to purify my water in a natural way gives me peace of mind. Safe, clean drinking water for everyone is now available. 

Twitter: @x2jhiker
Instagram: @hbfoutdoors