I have always been interested and happiest in the outdoors. As a kid, I woke up weekends at the crack of dawn to go outside and play by the creek, roller-skate, ride my bike, and spend every minute I could enjoying nature. I always loved nature, but somehow life, school, work and doing all those grownup things got in the way, and the outdoors seemed more and more difficult to get to, as time passed. I got out, but not enough.

I started backcountry camping over fifteen years ago. Without people in my life who shared the same interests though, trips were few and far between, and it seemed like I would never be able to do what I loved most, more than once in a while. It was not enough.

One day a few years ago, after not being chosen to win a dream job contest where I'd be paid to explore the great outdoors of Canada for five months straight, I had an epiphany. I did not need to win a contest to enjoy what I loved. I only needed the passion I already had, and, to actually just commit to doing what I wanted to do, with or without anyone else. That day Camper Christina was born.

As I also love to write and speak my mind, I soon started a blog where I would share all of my adventures with anyone who I could hope to inspire. Soon after, I began my youtube channel and truly enjoy making videos about the outdoors and trying to inspire others to get outside. In that time since starting my blog, I have continuously camped, hiked, biked, climbed, skated, snowshoed, kayaked, canoed, portaged and spent more time in the outdoors than even I thought possible. I've achieved my Wilderness First Aid, My level 1 and 2 Sea Kayaking Certificates, my Basic Kayak Instructor, taken Map and Compass level 1 and 2 and have been on countless trips both solo and with friends, both new and old. As I hate the cold, I built my own hot tent tipi and recently a smaller hot tent for the backcountry, so I am also able to camp during the winter months and remain comfortable. I have pushed myself to do things beyond my comfort level, and I have spent countless hours editing photos and documenting my adventures, all in the hopes of inspiring others, and myself, to go out and live your dreams, no matter what they are!


I began using PURINIZE® steadily this year after realizing I didn’t have a backup in place in case my water filter ran into issues. Then, when I headed out on several solo multi-day portaging trips where weight and the size of my pack was a concern, I solely used the PURINIZE® drops. I am a Pisces and love water and drink it even when there are many other options. I love PURINIZE® because it is convenient, light and easy to pack, but mostly because it doesn’t make my water taste like anything but water. It is imperative to have clean drinking water at my disposal when I’m out adventuring and carrying a small bottle of PURINIZE® with me whether I am on a multi-day trip or out hiking for a few hours, gives me comfort and never leaves me thirsty. I am grateful to PURINIZE® for having such an amazing product and am proud to promote it.