Dean Cattell


I was born and raised on a mixed farm just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  At an early age, I developed a passion for the outdoors and went directly from high school to Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences where I completed my diploma in Renewable Resources Technology.

Upon completion of my diploma in 1982, I worked with the government of Saskatchewan up until my retirement in April of 2014.  As a Forest Worker, Conservation Officer and Park Supervisor I was able to see most of the province and the aforementioned passion continued to grow.

I am a Board and founding member of Leave No Trace Canada and currently sit as the Conservation Director for Nature Saskatchewan. Married for close to 20 years, with three active children who keep us busy running from hockey rinks in the winter to volleyball courts and soccer fields in the spring and summer.  My wife’s family has a cabin in the park just north of where we live, and the most of the summers’ are spent there.

I love hiking/backpacking and can also be found in a kayak once in a while and love to share my passion of the outdoors with my family (and anyone else that will listen!)


In today's world, treatment of water is becoming more prevalent. Using natural ingredients to treat water, and making it potable, is a logical thing to do. 

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