I love using Purinize on a daily basis! I have very good water quality but use Purinize whether for drinking, cooking, or our fur-babies. - Mark


Adds a great mineral taste to the water. - Nathan


Amazing. So simple to integrate into your daily routine to gain so much. While living in Belize, using purinize gives me the assurance the water is safe to drink. - Tony


Out there, in the middle of nowhere you can't afford to get really sick, so we went with the best. I never got sick from the water. Not even a stomach ache. I was able to enjoy every second of the journey thanks to these guys! Two thumbs waaaaay up! - Questor


As a woodsman & someone who spends a lot of time hiking, I know boiling water to purify it isn't always an option. And most purifying tablets taste like pool water... but not PURINIZE! I've been using this product for over 2 years now and it has never let me down! - Chuck




I've been able use this all over North America and in South America as well, and it's more than earned its place in my kit. It's light, inexpensive, and effective. - Pack Rat Bushcraft


Very glad to see that this product is available in Belize. I am adding it to my product mix that I currently sell in the country under Leaves of Belize. -  Ken


Used this in India for a month and never had any stomach issues. I was extra cautious, however, and filtered the water through my MSR waterworks filter after letting the water sit with the drops in it. This was to filter the sediment that is created by the drops, and also as a backup measure since I was in India after all. This was time consuming, however I felt relieved to not generate so much plastic waste by having to purchase multiple single use water bottles on a daily basis. - StarAnise


Truly effective product! Purinize is a wonderful product for getting clean water that tastes great and is essential for life. I feel it helps me. So glad it's available in Belize now! - Mark


TASTE: In a small taste test of before and after river water. The verdict is 100% yes it does improve the flavor. From river flavor to Purinized is shockingly different and better. TURBIDITY: It does get rid of turbidity. From milky pond and river water our tests lead to a much clearer water post-Purinize. HEALTH/FEELING POST PURINIZE: Post 4 different tests I felt good, enjoyed a healthy feeling of hydration, and had no digestive issues. - Explorer Gear Co.


So glad I don't have to mess with a constantly malfunctioning Sawyer. - Jori


The nice thing about this is there is no chemical taste. After using this product during the Hell Hike and Raft 2015 Adventure adding 2 ounces to my pack to keep my water clean is something I will not leave home without. - Hiking the Trail


This product was our ace in the hole because the Big Bend National Park Service wouldn't have approved our permits without it. - Sam


I usually buy Iodine, but I bought this instead to go with my filter. I used it on a recent camping trip and it worked well, I just followed the directions. There was no taste and I know it's healthier for me than Iodine, obviously, since it's all natural. I barely had to use any, so I can see this 2oz bottle lasting a while! Pretty awesome product! - Kristin


It's been almost a month since my Yosemite backpacking trip... I am A-OK today nothing to report. This product just WORKS... plain and simple. It does have a very (very) faint "taste", nothing gross or offensive mind you. I couldn't detect it right away, until I compared it A-B with non-purinize treated water. I use this after filtering with a Sawyer squeeze... FWIW. So I mechanically filter first and then treat with purinize. My only other reference for comparison is iodine tablets, and purinize drops most definitely taste WAAAYY!! better than those awful things. - G.S.C.


PURINIZE & Renew Life Belize. Some of our poor rural Belizeans have no running water and have resulting health issues, including parasites and malnutrition. Purinize is a Powerful, Life-Giving product. Thank You! - Mark


We took these to Puerto Rico during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. I used this product in a five gallon container and let it sit for about an hour. I tasted it and it was great! About five days later, I drank some water from the container again and it tasted exactly the same! Good product! - Maria


I truly enjoy this product. Working as a Park Ranger near Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks gives me plenty of opportunities to hike and camp in the back country. One of the most convenient aspects of this is the dropper-top. It makes for ease of use and to keep from cross contaminating. When flying to places like Yosemite I prefer to only take a carry-on and this package is travel size. It doesn't have an expiration date and it starts working in an hour. Once the solution is processed it creates a sediment that works in tandem with my Sawyer filter. You can use a coffee filter otherwise. The result: great tasting, pure water. - Vanessa


This is the only game in town. The product is effective against agricultural/ industrial chemicals, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals. There is no strong chemical taste in the treated water. For user safety, it is tested according to EPA and NSF/ANSI standards. - Gene


Used in all the water I drank in India. I got this before my trip to India and honestly, I noticed my husband who didn't use it was under the weather and sick for some of the trip- while I had absolutely no digestive issues or food sicknesses of any kind that arose the whole time I was there. It was amazing! Would definitely recommend. I have so much left over I have stored it in my house in my emergency kit. - Anla


I use this in conjunction with my water filtering bottle because it removes all of the sediment that would otherwise render my filter useless. If you've ever used a micron filter you'll know what I mean, they clog up so quickly from all the junk. I have not found another natural product like this and I am a firm believer in its use. - Bob


Just got back from a 3 day backpacking trip in Colorado. I typically use my Sawyer squeeze for water purification; however, on day 2, the squeeze bag broke. Luckily I had thrown these in my pack for backup. Some background info, I’ve had this bottle of Purinize for like 5 years, it’s been sitting in my camping stuff box and just never used them. They have no expiration date. I think you’re supposed to use them in combo with some kind of filtration system but I used just the purinize drops alone in my water bladder and Nalgene bottle. They’re kind of amazing, leave no taste and I haven’t died of giardia yet so I think they work fine! I did notice kind of a salty taste after a couple hours but not a huge deal. - Katie


Our city lost power and there was a boil advisory.. instead of using our propane, we tried this stuff and to our surprise it worked very well and left no taste at all.. very pleased with the quality of this product. - Chris


In preparation for hurricane season, I wanted to make sure I had something on hand to purify my water in case of emergency. I ordered Purinize, received my order quick and on time. When I opened it the first thing I noticed was the packaging, they have the directions on the back which was super helpful! The bottle itself is very informative and easy to open. I did test the drops in regular water and it tasted great! I am thoroughly happy with this product and highly recommend! - Brittany


Extra security! I have a few different methods of purification and had this before. I keep all with me. Never know what kind of time I might have to get some clean water to drink. - Don


Love this product! - Courtney