“Wilderness is the raw material out of which man has hammered the artifact called civilization.” Aldo Leopold

I am a creature of the margin between the civilized and the wild. On one hand, I was raised and trained in large cities where I continue to pursue my interests in health policy and medicine. My work – much of which sits at the nexus of technology, data analysis and applied science – has given me a deep appreciation for how human ingenuity and culture has improved our lives in many different ways.   

One the other hand, I have always been compelled by the wild things in the world – by the prospect of “answering their call” and venturing out into new places and experiences. Practically, that’s translated into passions for hiking, camping, fishing, and trips integrating them both nearby (hiking local spots, wading and kayaking my “home” waters) and far away (chasing my goal of exploring at least two locations on each continent). Any opportunity to be outside is fantastic, but favorite trips so far have included backcountry camping and remote stream fishing on the Patagonian steppe, rafting remote headwaters in New Zealand, camping and hiking the PNW coast, and any excursions with family and loved ones.

Ultimately, embracing both sides has produced a beautiful dynamic, one in which my outdoor adventures frequently inform my perspectives on urban life (and vice versa).


Beyond what PURINIZE enables (who can argue with easy access to clean water?), I also appreciate what it represents: the margin between human innovation and the outdoor life, and the opportunity for the former to enable the better experiences in the latter.

Instagram: @houseofliao