Katelyn Davis


I work in corporate communications for one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. I guess you could say I’m a “desk jockey” in the corporate “cubicle farm” but I feel like that would imply that I don’t like my job when, in fact, I love it! Being from Detroit, the birthplace of the automobile, it is hard not to be interested in cars. As I’ve started my career, I’ve become obsessed with everything the automotive industry has to offer including its global breadth and reach as well as ever-evolving technologies and lifestyle implications. But even though I love what I do I still sit at my desk and look out the window and daydream about my next great adventure.

Most of my adventures take place in good ‘ol Michigan (#PureMichigan) where I take any and every opportunity to see new places and experience new things. I am an avid kayaker and hiker, and I currently have a goal of kayaking in all of the Great Lakes (this summer I kayaked Superior and Huron). Whenever possible, I enjoy bringing my three-year-old Siberian Husky, Juneau, along for the adventure. I’m also an avid hammock enthusiast. Some of my favorite places have been to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Hocking Hills, and Sleeping Bear Dunes. This winter I plan on learning to rock climb for a trip out west next year.

When I’m not “off-the-grid,” I’m heavily plugged into technology. Outside of my day job I am a freelance social media specialist and writer, helping my clients to put their best digital foot forward on social networks and online communities.


Not only do I enjoy fresh, clean water I also believe that everyone deserves access to clean and safe drinking water whether it is at home, in the forest or abroad. The PURINIZE technology has the ability to bring portable and easy water purification to the areas and the people who need it most.