Together, we can make our water better

Through PURINIZE PRESERVES, we aim to partner with companies and non-profits that share our mission of making the world's freshwater sources safe, clean and protected for all living things. By working with partners, we hope to raise better awareness about water quality through restoration and cleanup projects. 

current partnerships


Intensity Trekker is a non-profit with a mission to document and preserve trails, wilderness lands, cultures and waterways. Coming together with a shared mission to preserve our waterways, Intensity Trekker and PURINIZE PRESERVES have teamed up to form the "Clean the Stream" Coalition.

Through the "Clean the Stream" Coalition, Intensity Trekker will bring our water purification technology to the villages they visit to help the locals obtain every human's right to clean water. Not only will the Intensity Trekker team build and create filtration systems but they will also educate the communities on water purification, sanitation and correct ways to irrigate their crops to make sure their water sources stay as clean as possible. Together, we will impact hundreds of thousands of people by changing their lives for good.

The "Clean the Stream" Coalition will officially launch during their Mt. Rinjani Project, a month-long expedition to Lombok, Indonesia.

"Restoration is our mission for this particular project, and we hope to bring awareness to this magnificent site for our fellow trekkers."