We're on a Mission

Millions, in fact, the majority, of people in the world get their drinking water from lakes and rivers. Yet, the water quality of lakes and rivers is extremely poor. In the U.S. alone, 55% of our river and stream miles "do not support healthy populations of aquatic life" and nearly 40% of all rivers are too polluted for even fishing and swimming. Most of this pollution is due to municipal wastewater and chemicals from agricultural and industrial practices.

Chemical contaminants found in our waterways range from: 

According to the EPA, "40% of the nation’s river and streams miles have high levels of phosphorus. 27% have high levels of nitrogen," and "over 13,000 miles of rivers are found to have mercury in fish tissue at levels that exceed thresholds protective of human health."

These pollutants affect the ecosystem, aquatic species and wildlife, increase human health issues and make our water less accessible. Through PURINIZE PRESERVES, we aim to partner with people, companies and non-profits who share our mission of making the world's freshwater sources safe, clean and protected for all living things. Here's how: